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Welcome to the VSA Medical Student Component. We are a group of students dedicated to educating our peers about the field of anesthesiology and promoting the mission of the VSA. We seek to attract and assist high quality medical students to learn more about the field of anesthesiology and consider careers as anesthesiologists.

If you are a student interested in anesthesiology, find out what you need to know to get started on this exciting career path. If you already are committed to a career in anesthesiology, find out how being involved in VSA can benefit you and the profession.

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Guide to Anesthesiology Residency
To help you apply to anesthesiology residency programs, learn more about the training, and better prepare we have compiled information on anesthesiology residency programs.

Anesthesiology Student Interest Groups
For information on starting, running, or improving an AIG, we’ve compiled information to help you. Click to learn more.

Publications for Medical Students
For the list of publications and resources available to medical students, click here.

Take Advantage of FAER Career Development, Research and Grant Opportunities
The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) provides educational opportunities and career development for medical students, residents, and anesthesiologists. Advancing anesthesia education is core to FAER’s mission, and it is core to many of FAER’s programs.For medical students interested in careers in anesthesiology research, the Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship (MSARF) program is an important starting point. Click to learn more. FAER also provides research grant funding to gain additional training in basic science, clinical and translational, health services and education research. For early career anesthesiologists interested in pursuing careers as physician-scientists, FAER grants can be an important starting point. For a comprehensive overview of all FAER research grant opportunities, click here.